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Writer, creator, photographer, and dreamer...

"Writing is just me gasping for breath, just me beating on my chest, trying to save myself, trying to stay alive. I just hope that when you read my words, something in your chest would start beating too"    ~Daniel Saint

A little bit about me...


 Jennifer L. Gifford has always had a love affair with the written word. Her work is a reflection of the horror, suspense, dramatic and poetic works that she loves, and her writing reflects her fascination with the dark albeit humorous side of fiction.

She hates creepy old dolls, hates raisins because they lack a soul, and doesn't trust garden gnomes. She loves lighthouses, thunderstorms, dark chocolate, candlelight, the hollow click peck of an old typewriter, and the sound of rain on a tin roof. She loves sunsets on the water, a full moon to look at the stars, and the colors and scents of autumn. Old barns, abandoned buildings, and old cars hold a special place in her heart.

The inspiration for her stories strike her in the oddest places: elevators, grocery store aisles, and even the shower. 

She is married to writer and editor, A.W. Gifford, and her nightmares are often the basis for his short stories, as she feels that writing about her own nightmares will make them come true.

Jennifer's favorite authors include Jim Butcher, Hugh Howie, Dean Koontz, Pip Ballentine, Janet Evanovich, Christina Skye, Diana Gabeldon, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, E.E. Cummings, Eavan Boland, Robert Burns, Laurell K. Hamilton, David Eddings, Clive Cussler. She loves the characters and worlds of Josh Whedon, and the creator of Flashforward, Robert J. Sawyer.

Jennifer loves art in its various forms, and loves crafts. Scrapbooking, paper-making, crocheting, knitting, quilting, cooking, preserving, and photography. Jennifer has an old soul, and loves traveling where she often is snapping pictures of historical sites, cemeteries, and buildings with lovely architectural bones.



     Writings and Publications


The Dollhouse:  Premiered in Gluntonlumps Chilling Tales Magazine, Fall 2007.

.House of Horror, Issue #11, Winter 2010, www.houseofhorror.org

Dreams and Screams Anthology, 2010.

Breath and Shadow, 2014.

Legend of Chakota's Ghost: L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award Nominee, 2015.

 From Ashes to Embers: Breath and Shadow, Fall Issue 2009.

 M-Brane Science Fiction, Issue #10, November 2009.

 I Am Nightmare: Flame Tree Publishing, 2016.

 Apprentice's Tale: Demonminds Magazine, October 2008.

In Poe's Shadow, Anthology by Dark Opus Press, September 2011.

Danse Macabre de Jour, 2012.

Cries of the Fallen: L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award Nominee, 2014.

Tainted Angels:  Duetrope's Audio Fiction Magazine Contest Winner, 2013.


 Villian's Lament: L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Award Nominee, 2015.

 Above Ground: Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 2014.

*Finalist for the L.Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award Nominee, 2013.

Minutes to Livehttp://www.mysteryauthors.com/, Fall 2009.

A Room Askew: Abandoned Towers Magazine April 24, 2011



Poetry and Photography

*All poems include orginal artwork and photographs unless stated.

Hallows Eve, Issue #1 Bete Noire Magazine, October2010.

Broken Window, Black Veil, Issue #2 Bete Noire Magazine, January 2011.

Grandma's Closet: Breath and Shadow Magazine, Fall 2016. 

Soul's Lament, Issue #5 Bete Noire Magazine, Octorber 2011.

The Winter Harvest, Issue #7 Bete Noire Magazine, April 2012.


Negotiating a Haunt: written with A.W. Gifford under the pen name Charumont LaSalle.

A Memory in Amber: written with A.W. Gifford, under the pen name William J. Northridge.



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